To put it simply, I undertake anything that involves the use of wood.

This could be anything from planting trees when I undertake landscaping work to felling mature trees  and then making use of the tree for furniture, kitchens, fencing or firewood I make use of all parts of the tree with nothing allowed to go to waste – I just love working with wood!


Due to popular demand I have had a full colour catalog produced. You can download it by clicking here. (Warning - Large file).

If you wish you can view my catalog on line by clicking here.

Please note prices in the catalog are subject to change without notice.

Wood Machining

A lot of wood workers do not have the machinery to process large pieces of timber or to accurately thickness and size stock. This is crucial to successful cabinetmaking and I can do all this for you. In addition I also have the machinery to undertake wood cutting and milling to your specifications on site with a range of different machinery.

Wood Turning

Wood turning is what I first started out doing and I enjoy it immensely.  I can turn individual pieces or bespoke parts for a larger project. Please have a look at my products page for some of my work. Being in the timber industry it is relatively easy for me obtain large exotic blanks that are normally very rare.
Carpentry/ Furniture Making

I have experience in the building of many types of furniture this could be anything from a French polished dining tables to simple outdoor swings or fences.


I often supply and fit kitchens to order but only those kitchens that use predominately natural timbers. I am available to do all aspects of interior carpentry work. I particularly like fitting floor boards as I think nothing sets a house of better than the natural finish of skilfully fitted and finished wooden floor.

Wood Supply

I can supply all types, shapes and quality of wood. I have a vast supply of assorted timber which can be used for absolutely any purpose from a small wooden pen blanks to massive seasoned Oak timber that can be used for the repair or building of traditional timber framed houses.

Tree surgery

I am a qualified Tree Surgeon and undertake all aspects of Arboriculture. As part of this work I can also undertake any and all aspects of landscaping as there is a lot more to ensuring the garden is attractive other than just cutting down a few trees.

This Years Shows

Every year I exhibit at the best shows in England. This years itineray is located here please come and meet me!

Current Work


I am currently involved in a major project that involves a significant amount of landscaping for Pipewell Hall. The overall intent is to build an artificial lake which is reached by means of several Oak bridges which lead to a 12 x 12 metre platform in the centre of the lake. The platform is capable of taking over 100 people in comfort. The artifical island and lake are done in the style of the work undertaken at Attingham, Shropshire by Sir Humphry Repton the oak bridges are my idea and I'm particularly pround of them. I'm currently writing the whole project up, including many pictures for addition to this site.

View of Island at Pipewell Hall