Hello, my name is Andrew Harrison and I specialise in supplying high grade native British hardwoods as well as providing high quality machining and turning services. I started woodworking in 1981 and quickly became interested in turning. This interest has continued throughout my life and so I have a huge number of bowls, cups and other turnings for sale. I also enjoy making commissions and other custom work. I am also happy to visit woodworking clubs to share my expertise by arrangement.

Being interested in turning I can also supply turning blanks and squares. All are dry and ready to start turning immediately. As the owner of a timber yard it is relatively easy for me to procure large sizes and more specialist and exotic woods, e.g. Spalted Beech, Cocobolo and Burr Elm. Carving blanks of similar sorts are also available.

I also have in stock a huge supply of planks and boards for furniture making. Almost all is 10 year old air dried material. I offer many thicknesses and could even supply a 6 inch thick workbench top! With many special woods, e.g. Birdseye Maple and Evergreen Oak available we can supply almost any type of native British hardwood for almost any purpose. This service is complemented by a machining service. If you are unable to surface and finish timber I can perform this for you including cutting it to size.

In addition to the supply of timber and turning I also undertake structural work which involves the design, cutting, erection of timber based structures and landscaping– follow this link for a recent example.

The other side of my business involves tree removal. Once we have felled your tree I can then mill it on site using a bandsaw or chainsaw mill.

I am fully insured and all my work is Guaranteed. If required, I am also able to provide references for all aspects of my work.


I have public liability insurance to the value of £5,000,000. This covers all aspects of my work be it tree felling or installing a natural wood kitchen.


I am able to provide references for all types of work that I undertake. Please ask if you wish to take them up I won't be offended.