How Can I Help You?


All you need to do is call to discuss your requirments. I am always willing to talk about any aspect of wood, woodturning, timber, firewood, etc, etc. and try to help you in whatever way I can. I've been in the business so long that If I can't help you I'll say so I will be able to direct you to a collegue who will - What have you got to loose nothing so call me it's free.


I will do my very best to provide help and advice where possible to assist you in resolving any aspect relating to wood.


I have a team of 5 other people who support me in the running of my business and my timber yard where I store all my timber. If you wish you can visit my timber yard and we can select the exact type of wood that you need which is just right for your project.


I can also deliver timber selected to your exact specifications.



I have over 20 years of experience in every aspect of wood and I am more than willing to share that experience and assist you in any way that I can.